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This page features useful linguistics-related links I've found over the years.

IPA Character Picker  Need an IPA character that isn't on your keyboard? Copy and paste from here!

Penn Treebank Tags  Necessary for grepping with syntax.

Online Etymology Dictionary  Great for those who like some language trivia with their smalltalk.

WordNet  Over 15 levels of conceptual depth! Great for estimating how closely related things are.

FrameNet  Chuck Fillmore's very useful valence dictionary.

Google NGram Viewer  Great for investigating the usage history of a word form.

ACL Anthology  Enter at your own peril; if it's computational linguistics, it's likely to be in here.

Amazon Mechanical Turk  I use this often! Replaces pen-and-paper experiments in the lab.

R Statistical Project  Probably the most useful stats software ever. And it's free!

NLP Packages for R  Natural language processing addons for R.

MCWord Database  Stats for norming words you plan to use in your experiments.

Wordmine2  More stats for words you need to norm.

SNePS  The propositional semantic network developed by Stu Shapiro.

Latent Semantic Analysis  A method of measuring how semantically similar pieces of language are.

SWI-Prolog  Prolog is a declarative programming language. Logicians rejoice!

Learn Prolog Now!  A good resource for learning Prolog.

TRALE  An HPSG-based augmentation of Prolog for building natural language parsers.

Perl  A wonderful procedural programming language for linguists.

Python  Does the same things as Perl, but uses syntax closer to natural language.

Python's Natural Language Toolkit (NLTK)  To get the most out of WordNet, you'll want this.

TGrep2  An augmented grep that can search through treebank-annotated corpora.